Why is Bellsouth Email Not Working on Apple Mail

Are you also the one who is facing a problem in accessing the BellSouth in apple mail??

Then, you have reached the exact page having solutions for all your problems regarding Bellsouth.net Email. Below we will provide you the information about-

  • What are the basic reasons behind Bellsouth not working on apple mail?
  • How should you set up your Bellsouth mail on mac?
  • Troubleshooting steps to recover Bellsouth email on apple mail.
  • The solution to fix the Bellsouth on apple mail.
  • How to set up the Bellsouth email configuration on apple mail.?

If you are also facing a technical glitch while using Bellsouth email on apple mail, then read the complete article to fix any kind of problem. 

The Reasons Behind BellSouth Not Working on Apple Mail

  • The first and foremost reason could be that you are using an old version of iOS. This is a major problem Behind BellSouth Not Working on Apple Mail that people underestimate. 
  • The second reason could be having less storage space in your device. 
  • Third, maybe some other application is blocking the action Bellsouth email.
  • Fourth, you might have filled in the wrong login information like the wrong ID or wrong password.
  • Fifth, the server of Bellsouth could below- to Access the Bellsouth account. Hence, you are facing a problem in sending Bellsouth mails. 
  • Sixth, the issue could be with your iOS device setting only. 

Solutions to Fix Bellsouth Email on iOS.

  • First, update your version of iOS. Open the settings and search for the general tab then, click the software update option.
  • Second check the storage of your device. If it is not sufficient then, go to settings and find storage.
  • In case, you have forgotten the BellSouth email password then, rest your password.
  • Turn on the cellular network for the mails from the setting.

How to Fix the Problem of Bellsouth Not working on Apple Mail?

  • Firstly, go to the settings option of your device and click. 
  • Then, select the mail, contact, calendar elective & access to them.
  • Furthermore, decide your Bellsouth email type for the resulting image. And tap on the various selections.
  • After that, add bellsouth.net mail account elective in mail portion and, enter your name. 
  • By finishing the above-mentioned steps you would reach an accompanying screen.
  • Here you go. Now, you can access your Bellsouth account email on apple mail.

How to Set the Bellsouth Email on Mac?

Setting up the Bellsouth email on a mac is not rocket science, It is pretty easy. Just you will have to follow the below-given steps properly to access your account. 

Step 1- Open the safari on your Mac device.

Step 2- Search https://singin.att.com/page 

Step 3- Navigate yourself towards “Login credentials” and click the login button.

Step 4- Enter your mac bellsouth email and next.

Step 5- Add password and press the login button. 

Here you Go. your Bellsouth is set-up on mac. 

Troubleshooting Steps to Recover the Bellsouth on Apple Mail.

  • Enter your password slowly and carefully. As there might be a chance you have entered the wrong password.
  • Moreover, if in case you have forgotten the password then, you can simply rest the new password. Simply, click the forgot password option and then you will receive a new password on your linked another mail or your number.
  • Check your Bellsouth email configurations.
  • Update your iPS device. 

How to set up the Bellsouth email configuration on apple mail?

Step 1- Navigate to your bellsouth password and account option in settings.

Step 2- Click the “account” option & scroll down for bellsouth email settings.

Step 3- You would see two options SMTP & Advanced. 

Step 4- Click on the “advanced” option. And, check for “ use SSL”, disable this option.

Step 5- Check the server port advanced, it should be 143.

Step 6- Go back to accounts & click on “SMTP” & then, click on the” primary server”.

Step 7- Disable the SSL and change the server port to 25.

Done!! Now you are good to go with your Bellsouth email on apple mail.

To fix the troubleshooting steps to recover the Bellsouth mail on apple follow the above-mentioned following steps. Moreover, if you’re facing a problem accessing the Bellsouth on mac, refer to the solution mentioned above. If you are not able to receive the Bellsouth emails or sending emails then check your device version, check the Bellsouth configurations, disable “use SSL”. I hope this helped you to access and restart your Bellsouth email account in apple mail.

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