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Why is Bellsouth Email not Working for IMAP Users on Windows PC

Outlook is the best client emailing platform but there are so many users who have shown their concern for the BellSouth email not working in Outlook. This can be a trouble and experts are of course working on solving this issue. If the Bellsouth email login does not work in outlook then you can take some measures for solving by simply changing the password.  You can even visit Bellsouth for more details on the same.

Reason on why BellSouth email not working for IMAP users on Windows PC

There are many users who have complained about the Bellsouth email however, some users have even reported it when they were actually using the Bellsouth email along with outlook. Talking of some of the problems, the most common ones are listed below:

  • Bellsouth Authentication Error or the Email Login Problems

Oftentimes, you may not be able to log in to your Bellsouth email. If such a thing happens then you will have to change the password and create a better mail key which is well secured.

  • Email not being sent:

If through Bellsouth, you are not able to send the emails in the outlook then this can be a trouble. There is a probability for the configuration of the email.. you simply can configure the email one more time and look for all the possible information that needs to be rightly put.

  • The Bellsouth email will not work:

If the option of Bellsouth email will not work at all with Outlook then you can use Webmail. You can also try another email client till the time this problem gets solved.

  • Web browser:

There is also a possibility that the web browser which you probably are using have too much load of BellSouth email which may have compatibility issue with your mail service

  • Cache and cookies:

If you have not cleared out your browser for quite a long time then cache and cookies must have accumulated. This can often cause a common issue while loading website AT&T (Bellsouth) properly.

  • Plug-in and extensions

Using plugin and extensions help to make your browsing experience a smoother one. However, often times when extension and plugins start given trouble then can be problematic.

  • The Settings of IMAP/ POP are not correct:

If you have been using a email account with a third party email client then you might also be using the POP or IMAP settings bellsouth att. There is a possible flaw with such settings because of which Bellsouth email may not work for IMAP users on Windows PC.

  • Server outage¬†

This is a very rare condition but it is a possibility that there can be an outage of Bellsouth email server in your area due to which Bellsouth email may not work.

  • Dealing with the problem:

It is always better to ensure the format and size of all your emails are supported before you send them. See to it that you have a good internet connection and account is not blocked by A&T. You might want to switch to another device if the problem persists. Also check the IMAP settings especially when you shall be using a third-party email client for loading the Bellsouth.

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