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What Everyone Must Know About Bellsouth Email Settings

We all know how effective yet complicated the settings of Bellsouth Email can get; here we are going to inform you about the procedure to change the att bellsouth email setting at your device without any disturbance.

What is the Need for the BellSouth Email Settings?

In the United States, we have seen the maximum use of the email which is hosted by AT&T ISP provider famously known as email account. Due to the improving popularity of BellSouth email settings, we have decided to add more innovative and quality features. This email lets the user do a lot of activities which can be hardly found in other email platforms. The user can make a reply to another email instantly. Sometimes, it can be difficult for users to send a single email to more people without making changes to it. With the help of the Bellsouth email platform, we can provide the service efficiently. The features are divided before the user logs on the page and after they have logged in to the page. The door of the login page opens a lot of advanced features for the users. Some issues have started popping out when a user starts to use the features provided by the platform. The users are compelled to delete the cookies and malware associated with any email address. The login process could pop up anytime while you are working if the internet is not working properly. The email you were working on can get erased and the process has to be repeated due to the issues in the email platform. 

The bellsouth net email server settings make a lot of difference for the users and come as a blessing because the problem is handled by making some minor changes in the setting of the email account. You can have the access to make changes in the login process to avoid any more issues in sending or receiving any email. The data present in the bellsouth email platform holds a lot of importance for users who have to use the data later on. Without the email and password, no other person can get access to the account of any bellsouth user. This creates a little security in the mind of the user so that they can rely on the bellsouth email settings provided on the platform. To create more clear features, the user has been provided with settings related to every feature so that any problem can be solved by changing the setting of the email platform. As the login process is so crucial, the user must get the email address and password right on the first try.

Bellsouth Email Settings

Incoming Mail Server
Email Type:IMAP
Bellsouth Username:Email Address is Your Username
Incoming Server Port:993
Password:Type Your Password
Outgoing Mail Server
Account Type:SMTP
Username:Email address is your username
Server Port:465

BellSouth Email IMAP Setting

The configuration associated with the setup of bellsouth email is a different process in every device. We are here to provide the concepts of every device to remove the issues arising in the bellsouth email platform. It is important to choose the right server setting for the configuration to be over.

The name of the account for the email server is IMAP.

  1. The email address incoming server user name will be the same as the name mentioned in the bellsouth net email setup by the user for server settings.
  2. The password should be the same used in the net email server setting.
  3. The hostname for the incoming server setting should be
  4. The number for incoming server settings should be always at 993 which will require SSL for working properly.

You have to login by entering your email and password every time. After these steps are done, your bellsouth inbox will work properly.

BellSouth Email POP3 Settings

Depending on your preference for the server, when you have selected POP, the setting is slightly different than IMAP.

  • The incoming and outgoing username and the bellsouth address will be the same.
  • The hostname for POP3 is “”, “”
  • There is a requirement of SSL or TLS to carry out the functions properly. 
  • The bellsouth email incoming pop3 server settings need your email and password to begin the process. These steps will configure your account using the POP3 server which will start the email receiving and sending process and Use these bellsouth email pop3 settings to setup email at your phone.
Incoming POP3
Outgoing SMTP
User email username
Incoming Server Port995
Outgoing Server Port465
Email protocolInbound serverInbound portSSLOutbound serverOutbound Port
IMAPimap.mail.att.net993Yessmtp.mail.att.net465 or 587

Select device for Bellsouth Email Settings

If you want to use bellsouth email your desktop email program like (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail) or mobile email application will use either POP3 or IMAP settings to send and receive email. Be sure to use the right bellsouth email server settings and port number. If you are not a technical person and not able to understand where to insert that hostname, port and SSL, please select your device system and we provide you step by step details to setup Bellsouth email settings into your phone.

Instructions to Setup BellSouth Email Settings on Outlook

The setting up and configuration of bellsouth email settings outlook is very helpful to solve the technical issues that can pop up in your account. Other than the setting option, there is another support system provided from the host of bellsouth email login platform. Check the instructions below to set up the bellsouth setting in Outlook:

bellsouth email outlook
  1. The first step is to open the Outlook client.
  2. Then, you have to choose the ‘add account’ option provided in the ‘files’ tab.
  3. The option to choose a manual server setting or additional server kind is provided on the screen. After choosing your preferred option, click the ‘next’ icon.
  4. The question to go further or not will be displayed where you have to choose ‘yes’.
  5. In the space provided, you have to enter your email address and name.
  6. Another option between IMAP and POP will be shown and the user has to make the decision. In the case of the bellsouth email pop settings; there is no other problem than entering the right options at the time of setting it up. 
  • 7. Whenever you are asked to mention your email address and password, you should enter it. 
  • 8. Move to an advanced setting for outgoing as well as the incoming server where you have to provide authentication to complete the process.
  • 9. The incoming server port should be 995 for POP when setting the advanced features. Whereas 465 for the outgoing server.
  • 10. The encryption connection has to be set up by enabling the SSL feature.
  • 11. The last step is to click on the ‘finish’ button.


After the last step has been done, you can receive and send bellsouth emails to your contacts. These instructions apply to every device so it is easy to complete the bellsouth email settings iphone. It is very important to keep the email address and password safely so that your account is not misused by any third person. The configuration is selected by the user which makes it easy to understand the concept and handle it themselves whenever any issues occur.

Still Facing Bellsouth Email Settings Problems

Setup Your Email Account with Your Email Program Using IMAP/POP3 Settings

Fix Bellsouth Email Settings Here

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Bellsouth Email Settings PDF

If you have AT&T BellSouth email address (, we have provided PDF file which include all the email settings.

ATT-Yahoo BellSouth Email Settings

A Detailed guide to set up Bellsouth email on devices Follow the steps for the Bellsouth Email settings configure in different devices to enjoy smoothly.

What are the Bellsouth Email Settings for Windows Email Platform?

Whenever our clients have any issues regarding bellsouth, we are always ready with our highly advanced solutions so that our clients enjoy the bellsouth emailing platform. Apart from the at&t bellsouth email settings, there are more options to keep the decorum of the platform provided by the host. No matter which system is associated with your device, every feature of the device should be updated to get the most of the device. The email platform is very significant for everyone because they deal with different things and communicate with other people using email. To start the setting of bellsouth on Windows, the following points are provided to start the process:

The first step is to open the file or email build application on your device. Most of the time, the application is present on the desktop so that it is easier to find it.

After you open the email application, there will be an icon named ‘file’ that should be opened. The yahoo bellsouth email settings can also be accessed for beginning the process.

From the ‘file’ opens, you are required to ‘add your account’ and further click on ‘new account’ as you are accessing the platform for the first time.

You will be asked to start the manual setup. Further, the additional server types should also be chosen which leads the user to click on the ‘next’ button.

bellsouth mail login
att bellsouth email login

The information regarding POP or IMAP will be asked to enter by the user which can be easily found on the internet. You can also contact your internet provider to know the ‘POP’ and ‘IMAP’ information. The bellsouth imap email settings take a few minutes to complete. Click on the ‘next’ icon when you are done.

There will be a space provided in the ‘user information’ where you have to mention your registered name and email Login address.

To set up the bellsouth email on Windows, you are required to provide a professional user name as your contacts will receive the email. It will be easier for them to recognize you.

Once you are done with the formal name, you have to go to the ‘server’ section and choose an ‘account type’ from ‘POP3’ and ‘IMAP’.

After following these steps, the configuration of your account will be done. There are different steps for ‘POP3’ and ‘IMAP’ users. Using your email and password, you have to log in to your account. The users have to set up the settings of the account and choose advanced features to solve any issue that comes in the way. After you have pressed ‘finish’, the platform of an amazing emailing feature is open for your experience.

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